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Read our Draft Points of Unity We are a coalition of grassroots organizations and individual activists from Canada, the United States, and Mexico who are concerned about threats to the peace process in Colombia. We recognize the close ties of our own nations to Colombia. Our policies directly affect the situation there. The US government and the administration of Donald Trump have actively undermined Colombia’s Peace Accord, implemented in late November 2016. Transnational corporations from Canada and the US make mega profits off Colombian natural resources for a wealthy few. Mexico has close ties to the military, police, and security structure of Colombia. Colombia has trained over tens of thousands of foreign agents and officials, more than half from Mexico. What happens in Colombia also affects our countries, the hemisphere, and the world. Colombia is now a partner with NATO, which includes the US and Canada and most Western European countries. US and NATO forces have access to Colombian bases, and the US has a permanent presence in at least seven of them. Colombia has the second largest military force in Latin America, after Brazil, and has received more than $12 billion in military and “security” aid from the US since the beginning of the century. Geographically, Colombia is a bridge that connects North, South, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Colombia is the primary base in Latin America for plans to destabilize Venezuela. A peaceful Colombia would be a giant step forward for peace throughout the region. It would be a major blow to the US/NATO Empire, and advance all our struggles for liberation, everywhere. Despite all its military wealth, Colombia is experiencing a humanitarian crisis, and most of us never hear about it. How many of us know that a Colombian human rights defender, labor organizer, or social movement leader is murdered an average of every 30 hours, and the murders are rarely brought to justice? And how many know that because of drought and the diversion of rivers in La Guajira by foreign coal mines, that 600 to 700 Wayuú children are dying every year of malnutrition? How many of us know that since peace accords were implemented in 2016, the Colombian government has only fulfilled about 25-30% of its commitments? Rather than promised land reform and rural development, farming, indigenous, and Afro-Colombian communities experience fear and displacement. Rather than open political participation, those in the opposition are targets of threats and assaults while voter fraud runs rampant. We don’t hear about these things for a reason. If this were Venezuela, we would hear a constant barrage of reports about the crisis. That is because the US government and allies want regime change and privatization of resources in Venezuela. But for the corporate media in the US and elsewhere to call attention to the crisis in Colombia would constitute an indictment of Empire and global capitalism. The Coalition for Peace in Colombia knows that “The peace of Colombia is the peace of the world”! We dedicate ourselves to change policies in our countries that foster repression and crisis in Colombia, and we will join with other international voices to put pressure on the Colombian government to fulfill its commitments to peace, justice, and human rights. And we will work together with the Colombian people to liberate all our nations from the Empire that threatens Colombia and the whole world.